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By February 2, 20092 Comments

One thing that sucks about being an elite cyclist is that it’s easy to get sick. I can tell that my body has been fighting something over the past week, and it has caught up with me. I had a stomach bug on friday and saturday, and at the end of the ride saturday, I could tell something wasn’t right. Sat night was not so good. I felt feverish and weak, but woke up feeling refreshed Sunday AM. I tried to go out and ride yesterday, but was left feeling very weak, nauseated, and tired so I went home. I am spending the next day or 2 trying to get some rest and feel better.

Jeff and I went to see the 3D movie – My Bloody Valentine. It was very entertaining and fun since I don’t get out to the movies very much. The weather is going to be nice later this week and I am looking forward to feeling strong again!


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