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Best and Worst of 2011

By January 13, 2012March 22nd, 2017No Comments

2012.  It’s amazing how quickly time ticks by.  This is the last year of my 20s which seems surreal.  I feel like I’m still 22!  I’m proud to say that there has been so much life packed into my years so far and I’m looking forward to more adventures!

Here is what I said at this time about 2011: “How about for 2011, let’s say “I WILL” instead of “I CAN’T.” Find ways to say yes instead of no. Dream instead of doubt. I will!”

It’s always funny to stop for a moment and think back over the past year.  It makes me tired.  How did I do all that? Between work and racing, it blows my mind to think of everything I’ve packed into 2011… like I went to 15 states!  I can say without hesitation that I’m doing everything I can to live it up!

2011 was another year of tremendous growth for me, not only in my racing, but in my heart.  My New Year’s Resolution last year was to have more patience and to be a better listener. I feel that I actively achieved that and continue to improve.  I really turned up my frequency of yoga for 2011 and it had a huge impact.  2011 was a year of self-acceptance and self-love for me and I can attribute it to yoga.  Slowly, I grew less hard on myself while still maintaining high but reasonable expectations…and expectation I set for myself, not what others set for me.  It’s something I will always have to work on with my type A personality, but I noticed that the more I accepted my shortcomings, the better person I was to my friends, family, and boyfriend.  My own shortcomings did not get in my own way.

Without further adieu, the list!

Best New Race for me: I enjoyed the Transylvania Epic this year even though it was a training race!  Eventually, I’d like to go back and actually race the thing, but it was really cool to go to Pennsylvania and ride some new trails.  Unfortunately, it’s tough financially to get out to the east coast with a bike but I hope to return again someday!  If you can get there, it’s worth it!
Cool shot from the race

Biggest Disappointment: CTR.  I bleed inside when I think about it.  Still very disappointing.  Reading “biggest disappointment” or hearing the word failure or disappointment are like a dagger that takes my breath away.  I dropped out after only 24 hours.  My gut told me to stop, but I still can’t figure out why.  The prep was very hard and so much fun;  the prep is what I try to focus on when I think of CTR.  Believe it or not, CTR is the ONLY thing in my life that I consider a big commitment that I have failed to do what I set out to do.  I was broken hearted and legitimately depressed, but I guess it’s good to fail miserably.  I’m sure I grew from it, it’s going to take awhile to get over.  I will not be returning for 2011, but I would like to go back and do it with a partner and complete it in 6 days or less.

It was cool to get comfortable sleeping out in the open on the ground!

Favorite Ergon product this year: the Ergon HX2 gloves
Screen shot 2012-01-10 at 10.15.51 PM

Best new sports nutrition product: Hammer Nutrition Anti-Fatigue caps.  I no longer stink of ammonia after tough workouts and races

Best new beer I tried: Ah man!!!  I hate that I have this in my year-end surveys because I can never pick one and be happy with my decision.  I guess Dry Dock Seven Seas Double IPA.  Goooodie goodie!


Best wine: Hands down, Michael David Winery Earthquake Zin.  Soooooo luscious.


Best Trip: It was quick, but 24 Hour Nationals.  Getting to spend that time and race as a team (for the WIN!!) with Rebecca Rusch, Kelly Boniface, and Jenny Smith was such a great time…and to have my good friend Nina Baum next to us with her brothers and a lot of other great people!!  FUN!

Thing that’s hard to believe: that this is my life!  I pinch myself sometimes… I never thought I’d be where I am or doing the things I’ve been so fortunate to do.  I am somehow living the dream and I still can’t believe it sometimes.  One thing is certain.  No regrets.

Favorite beat: There were sooooo many good ones.  I really liked Avicii – Levels, but Deadmau5 – Cthulhu Sleeps sticks out in my mind.

I even got to see a Deadmau5 show in Denver this year!

Best concert/show: Foo Fighters… I LOVE the album they released this year.

Coolest jaw-dropping thing I saw this year: This view.

or this.
That dot is me. :)

or this…I don’t know, there are too many!


Funniest quote I heard in a race: “AHHH, I knew you would catch me!” -random guy

Hardest moment: when we didn’t get our bikes in time to start the Brasil Ride.  It was… unbelievable, but probably a blessing in disguise after my stupid crash and concussion.

Favorite quote I heard: “It’s not who you are that hold you back, it’s who you think you’re not.”  Every day that I doubt myself, I repeat the quote.  Some of the things I accomplished this year were ironically things I didn’t think I could.  They just happened, despite my doubts.  It taught me that anything is possible, even if I think I am not capable.  It’s who I think I’m not that holds me back.  I should race to win, not put myself behind all these other amazing women I think are faster and say I’m not capable.

Biggest surprise: 3rd at Park City Point 2 Point!

Best reminder for myself: Be grateful and try not to take anything or anyone for granted.

Cheers to 2012!!!!


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