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Beware…Iphoto'09 with Flickr App

By May 3, 20095 Comments

Well, I found out the hard way tonight that if you use the flickr publishing application with the new Iphoto (which I just started implementing a few days ago), flickr references the actual iphoto file. I deleted some pics b/c my laptop is 4 years old and lacks a lot of memory (yeah, my ipod has almost 8 times the memory of my laptop!!), and it messed up a bunch of my posts where I had published photos to flickr directly from Iphoto. If you do that, watch out!!!


  • Murphy Mac says:

    Hey – can you tell me a little more about what you mean here? I’m not sure what “flickr references the actual iphoto file” means.

    Thanks !

  • pete says:

    the pics are completely deleted until you empty iphoto’s trash. if they’re still there, you can ctrl-click on the photos and select “restore to library”

  • sonya says:

    Previously, I used flickr and Iphoto separate. I’d upload photos to my desktop, put them on flickr, then delete them forever off my desktop and the file would be on flickr only, and it wouldn’t need a photo on my desktop or computer anymore to work.

    If I uploaded photos to Iphoto, then published to flickr from iphoto, then deleted them forever in Iphoto – the picture would disappear in flickr as well and be a white screen that said “photos have been removed from account” or something. If you upload via your desktop not using Iphoto, and delete the original pic of your desktop, flickr does not have a problem with it.

  • Jeremy Cook says:

    I found the same problem the other day with IPhoto’09 by mistake. I just started using IPhoto’09 from my new MB and was using the push option. I wanted to clean up some of the stuff in IPhoto and without realizing it, I was deleting content from my Flickr account. So now i’m using the upload option directly with Flickr.

  • it's me says:

    hi. if you remove the permissions under your flickr account, changing or deleting the picture in iphoto won’t bother the picture on flickr. as far as i know, you can still upload via iphoto with this option turned off.

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