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Big mountain rides – Imogene Pass

By July 3, 2013March 22nd, 2017No Comments

I got to spend some time in my favorite part of Colorado – the San Juans. After I left the Aspen Food & Wine Festival with Michael David Winery, I drove to Ouray. I should have been tired 2 days after the Bailey Hundo, but Imogene Pass(13,114′) was calling. I was happy to find I wasn’t too tired. I was expecting to be destroyed because that’s been the theme after each race this year.


It was a pretty serious ride! I had never been up there and after I made the left turn, it was steep, very loose, and rocky. I got the obligatory concerned look from people in jeeps barely making it up. A lady stuck her head out asking “Are you okay?” with her eyebrows knotted in concern. I actually love it when people ask me if I’m okay when I’m doing “dumb” things! I also appreciate someone looking out for me.


Happy place


I almost didn’t summit because weather was moving in, but I made my way up. It started snowing just moments after I snapped a photo. The only thing that would have made the ride better was singletrack although the road was so technical it might as well could have been singletrack.

BIG views at the top.  Alpine riding is my true love




I discovered they have a trail running race that goes up here.  I used to be a runner before I was a cyclist and I still enjoy running with the obligatory “off the couch” running race every off season.  I can see some epic trail runs in my distant future!

After a satisfying pedal (and fun descent), I packed up and headed to Durango for some shop visits.  I also got to see my friends Shannon Gibson and Kenny Wehn.

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