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G-ya. What up? Well, I am trying to pass time because I have nothing to do at work today. AHHHH. Such is the life as a Sandia intern. Anyway, Sierra told me about this website called You register and make a profile and you can see people from different schools including your high school. I saw several people’s names I know on there. Dang, I hated some people. haha However, there were some cool ones that I contacted. They will probably be highly alarmed at my photo. All these girls had these glamour pics– all dressed up, make up, hair done up smiling pretty. I put a pic of me after a muddy, rainy mountain bike race where I am flexing my muscles, I’m muddy, and my leg is super bloody from a wreck. Yeah! Git it! >:oD

I did the Tues night crit last night. I ended up getting third, but it was fun anyway. It was super windy out!! I decided to make an attack and Carolyn Donnelly went with me. For those of you who don’t know, Donnelly is this ex euro pro woman and is very strong and very tactically smart. I was a big idiot and pulled her around for an entire lap and hopelessly tried to get on her wheel as she rode away from me. Go figure. I rode alone for awhile until Nina the Baum caught me and we rode together for the remainder of the race and she outsprinted me in the end. Sweeeeet… I was like, “oh yeah! I need to shift when I’m sprinting!”

This morning I rode into work…of course there was a chode man trying to go fast. He went a different way and missed a light so then he was behind me. I KNEW the guy was sitting on my wheel. I HATE it. It makes the hairs on my neck stand up and I get the ANGST. So I decided I wasn’t going to take his shit so I turned around and said, “Do you mind not sitting on my wheel?” He got defensive and said, “I wasn’t, I was like 3 ft back.” Whatever chode, I saw you behind me you loser. So I said, “I don’t really care, I just don’t like people just sitting on my wheel so go ahead.” The dude, who was already chode-style in his drops started hammering it, butt bouncing up and down, head cocked to the side. What is wrong with these people? At least acknowledge the fact that you are back there. Next time, I’m gonig to start blowing snot rockets back…after all, since they didn’t say anything, how can I know they are back there?!?! GOSH!

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