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Boo hoo

By May 17, 2005No Comments

WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t ride, I can’t race, I can’t run, I can’t swim, I can’t hike, I can’t drive, I can’t WALK. Booo hoo. Yes, yes. I have split my left knee open and can’t bend it or else I’ll pop the stitches. That’s right, stitches. How did I do that, you ask? Did I fall off my bike? I wish that were the reason…. no, friends. I have fallen down chasing someone in a drunken stupor. I graduated Saturday! Yay for me! With graduation usually comes a graduation party… a party that includes classmates, some good, some bad, and some that like to slap you on the ass. And if you know me well, you would know how I react to that. I want to kick their ASS! So yes, I attempted to… started running in sandals that I normally trip just walking in, and went down on asphalt. I grabbed my knee and as I retreated toward the house, Adam and Erik said, “Are you okay?” “Sure, I’m fine!” I said until I looked down at the bloody mess of a knee. “You have to get stitches” they told me. Adam was driving me to the ER when I broke down in tears, “I won’t be able to ride my bike!! I won’t be able to race! Wah!!” 🙁 🙁 We got to Lovelace and had to wait a couple hours. I FINALLY got in. “You’ve mangled your knee pretty bad” the doctor tells me. Grrreattt. The worst part of the experience was the numbing of the area. Poor Adam, I was squeezing the life out of him due to the pain. They stitched it up- only 4…and I say only because I ripped all the skin out of the center of the abrasion so there was no sewing it back together. dammit! So yes, I will be stagnate until Wed. of next week. I did take a picture of my open knee, but I think I will spare you because it is pretty nasty. They took xrays and there is no bone or cartilage damage which is good news. It is pretty miserable, I will admit. Not being able to drive, having a really hard time getting on the toilet, limping around. Not fun. AND my arm hurts really bad b/c of tetanus shot so it’s hard to push myself up. At least I’ll be done with my antibiotics in 2 days. AHHH. I’m such an idiot. I may still try to do the IronHorse road race a week from Sat. We will see what doc says. I’ll let you know.

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