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Boulder short track 1

By June 18, 20073 Comments

Wednesday night(last week)!! First Boulder short-track of the year and my first boulder short-track ever. Aside from the long registration line, it looked to be like a fun course and a great time. The field actually had some really fast people. It isn’t a boulder short track if you don’t have some of the fastest girls in the country lining up next to you! Kerry Barnholt and Jen Gersbach were off the front pretty quickly. I was in third position behind them, but I just couldn’t hang on. My legs were feeling okay, but were tired from my 2.5 hour ride in the rain on Tuesday. I managed to hang on to third for most of the race until I got tired. I faded back to fifth and kept that spot till the finish. Liz came out to watch the short track and was my personal cheerleader AND photographer. I can’t wait till next week’s short track!

Photos to come tomorrow, check back 🙂


  • leapnlzrds says:

    i’ll try to come to tomorrow’s race too!

  • gwadzilla says:

    short track does look like fun….

    we have a local wednesday night series that may have that vibe as well as that short sprint demand

  • ali says:

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