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Boulder Short Track #2

By June 20, 2007March 22nd, 2017One Comment

I’ve been feeling pretty tired since Deer Valley and was debating all day whether I should do the short track today….quick review, I almost got crashed out at the start followed by a crash in front of me a few minutes later. Then I had some severe intestine-area pain that lasted an hour after (and during) the race where I was seriously contemplating the ER when it suddenly went away… I think it was from taking the massive amount of ibuprofen (800 mg 3 times a day) for my stupid knee that has been hurting over a week. The course was super fun, but my rotten meat stick legs wouldn’t let me make up for my poor start and I ended up in 5th…. I think I definitely coulda been top 3 if I had better luck. Damn the bad luck!! That’s ok…. I’ll trade a bad start at a boulder ST for the good start I had on Sunday! A big thank you to all who were cheering me on while I was in the hurt locker! 🙂 Also, a big thank you to my friend Liz, for supporting me and taking photos! 🙂

Here is a mix of pics from this week and last week’s short track:

The start this week

Last week’s start

Yay! Downhill!

short, steep hills. Ouch

Mountain view. As Borat would say, “NICE!”

Brian killing it in the short track

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