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Boulder Short Track 4th o July

By July 6, 2007March 22nd, 20172 Comments

Wed. Short Track #4. My first thought was, “Where IS everyone?” Drinking, bbqing, or firecracker 50-ing. There’s not much to say about my race. I’m still feeling super tired. I was going as hard as my legs would go. Unfortunately, that speed was a speed where I was NOT breathing hard. I looked like I was doing a recovery ride and was chatting with Brian and Collin as I went by. I wanted to go harder and be tasting iron from my lungs, but my body took charge saying, “no, no no!!” I still got 2nd with not a lot of effort which makes me happy, but dangit, I shoulda won it.

I used my new camera to take photos of Brian (and the pro men’s) STXC. Brian has a broken rib right now. As I was walking up the hill to watch the race, I heard four guys say, “OOOOO.” That meant a crash. I looked at the field. No Brian, no Josh. I guess Josh went down right in front of Brian. Brian flew through the air and WWF styled kneed Josh in the back by accident. Both of them were okay, just minutes back by the time they got going again. They amazingly got back up there and Brian got FOURTH after all that. I am sure he would have won it had he not gone down. He’s riding really strong right now and will be heading to the NC Norba soon. I will be heading to Telluride that weekend to rip my own legs off.

La photographia:

Flat irons and racing. yeye

Me and Monique. She just moved to boulder

Josh asking for MORE laps as he went by. What a sick, sick man. 😉

My OTHER boyz. 🙂 ryan lynch and the one and only chris jung

Brian laying the smack down, the gnashing of the teeth. That is a suffer face if I do say so myself!

suh suh suh singletrack!!!!!


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