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Boulder Short Track

By July 13, 20072 Comments

This will be a short post. I felt a lot better this week and was definitely punishing my lungs and my legs. The course was super twisty and fun!! My professional unofficial photographer couldn’t make it (Liz), so no photos. I also was asked to announce the men’s race. It was pretty sweet. I played DJ too and took Sublime off the PA (who puts SUBLIME on during a bike race??) and loaded up some sweet techno to get things hotter. No photos from the men’s race either, sorry. I think announcing is a good gig for me because I’m not afraid to say stupid things and be silly. I’m no Dave Tuel or Phil Ligget though!!!

Snowmass XC is tomorrow. I’m heading out in just a few minutes. I am banking on some good legs tomorrow. It’s my favorite course, so we’ll see how it goes down!!!


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