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By August 21, 2009March 22nd, 20174 Comments

My roommate has been trying to get me out on a bike with a motor (DIRT BIKE!) for months. He said he was selling it this week, so I thought I better get my kicks if I want to try it out.  He had an 88cc pit bike, so that’s what I used, and his huge 450cc cool dirt bike.  I have never driven a motorcycle before, so I wasn’t about to give the 450cc a try!  Next time, I’d like to ride a big, 250cc bike.

Brad rode his big 450cc bike. POWER!

Ok, caught on camera.  My first couple of seconds EVER driving a motorized bike.  It was really weird.  I almost couldn’t stop on my first go around the parking lot because I was breaking and throttling at the same time.  The little dirt bike had cable brakes too, which is weird!

It took awhile to get used to, but by the end of the ride I was doing full throttle in 3rd gear.  So fun!  That little bike is very scary going over rocks and through sand.  I think my mtb might have more suspension and I couldn’t use my legs like I can on the bike for suspension.  I think the bigger bikes would actually feel safer!  I almost crashed a few times, but was fortunately able to save it!  And I am not sure if I want to tell you how many times it would take me to kick start it. haha

Then Brad showed his mad skillz on a really steep piece of singletrack going up the side of a mountain.  This looked crazy steep to me. I was like, “You are going to ride up that and down it?” WHOA!

This was way steeper than it looked. I didn’t even know people rode dirt bikes up stuff that steep!
Brahp! brahp!  Look at those teeny tiny wheels!  I think I must have looked like a dirt biker chode in my jeans where everyone else has their kits or uniforms or whatever… haha.  Kind of like how some mtbers in kits frown upon people who mountain bike in jeans.  ha!

I also went for a bike ride yesterday around lunchtime at Betasso.  The connector trail is closed, so I had to add some extra slogging time taking the road to the trail.  I bit off a little more than I could chew yesterday… my body is still pretty tired from the 100 mile race this past Saturday, but I was able to get the HR up.  It just hurt!  I’ll be taking it easy for the weekend, perhaps go for a run, but we’ll be working at the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show all weekend.

Picture 1

And… tomorrow is my birthday. 26 years old. EEEK! 30 is creeping up on me… no no no!


  • Sonya,
    Sean Madsen refereed me to your blog and he thought you might be interested in the project I am working on. I am a professional photographer here in Boulder I am working on a project of Cyclist both Mountain Bikers and Roadies. I am doing environmental portraits and action shots. I would love to work with you when you have the time and give you some great shots in return.

  • What 30’s seem to be prime endurance mtn biking years….

  • rick says:

    whatever you do, after riding a moto, don’t switch your bike to sram twisties. It’ll totally screw you up since twisting the bar back on the moto makes you go faster but the same motion on sram twisties takes you to a lower gear. took me some getting used to when I switch to sram a few years back because I spent a lot of time on dirt bikes as a kid and teen.

  • Blue says:

    what’s next, an ama license?

    happy belated birthday!

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