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Once per month, I’m checking in with you to talk about my journey as a new athlete mom. I’ll talk about time management, how getting back to and maintaining a training schedule is going post-partum, the mental and emotional pieces too.  I’ll tell you what it’s really like and hopefully give you some nuggets you can apply to your own lives as well. This podcast is supported by Wahoo Fitness who has been a great partner during my journey as a pregnant athlete and new mom!

My husband, Matt Ewonus has joined me on many of these Athlete Motherhood series because parenthood is really what it’s about! In this episode, we talked about breastfeeding and the caloric need for athletes (super important!), mental toughness, how confidence relates to fitness, habits and how goals help us create meaning from daily actions, how Matt avoids hitting snooze, and growth comes from struggle.


“The whole concept of growth and progression and growth mindset for me came through cycling and endurance training. I had this fixed mindset of once you hit a certain age, you’re done. As a power sport athlete, by the time you’re in your late 20s, it’s over.  You hit 35 and you’re this old decrepit person. But the concept of growth mindset was really driven home to me as an endurance athlete because you could build systems over time.”

-Matt Ewonus

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • breastfeeding and the caloric need for athletes
  • mental toughness
  • confidence as it relates to fitness
  • how habits and goals help create meaning through daily actions
  • how Matt avoids hitting snooze at 5:45 AM
  • importance of growth coming from struggle

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