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Breck Epic – Stage 6 – Gold Dust Trail

By July 11, 2009March 22nd, 2017One Comment

Friday was my last big training day before resting up for the Breck 100. Lucky for me was that the last stage of the Breck Epic was going on, and I was able to ride some super fun trails and get a workout. Check out more about the Breck Epic here. I think it is a safe assumption that I will be doing the full race next year.

Everyone lined up at 9 AM again, and it felt slightly odd to not be concerned with warming up since I wasn’t actually racing. I was more just chatting with some of my friends who are doing the race.

The boys getting ready. Aaron Potts and Mr. Kerkove. My friend would ask if they are “jazzed to the max?”

The neutral roll out.  The guy in the Horizon kit in the beginning of the video is the one who won the stage that day…. and Garth Prosser’s heiny.


I hung off the back until the end of the first singletrack climb as to not interfere with the race, then decided to let ‘er rip.

Dave Wilson won the men’s singlespeed category.

This is the same spot that Dejay and I were heckling for the Prologue. Yesterday, there was a guy there playing his banjo!

Mountain Flyer magazine had a few guys out racing I rode with for a little bit.

John Bliss fighting for a podium spot going up Boreas Pass Rd.

Good views all around once again.

Part of the stage was the Firecracker 50 course in reverse, and the other part was a section of the third loop of the Breck 100. I rode the Gold Dust Trail all the way to Como 2 weeks ago. It’s super fun and I’m looking forward to riding it again next weekend.  The camraderie of the Breck Epic was so cool to see, and how supportive the racers were of each other.  It was like they were an army going to battle.  I only saw half the stages, but it appeared that everyone and everything was well organized, the courses were marked extremely well, and the event was super smooth.  After spending the last 4 weekends up in Breckenridge, I feel pretty comfortable with the trails.  One more weekend in Breck, and then there will be other fish to fry.  I want to explore more of the Summit County trails that I have missed out on.

I’m chilling out for a couple of days, opening it back up mid-week, and getting my race face on for next weekend.  I have been riding my hardtail the last 2 weeks, and will be choosing the FS bike for the Breck 100.  That’ll be something to get dialed in this week too.  I went to the Breck Epic banquet and took some photos, so I’ll be posting ’em tomorrow!

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