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By February 17, 2006No Comments

Well, it is freaking frigid here. We reached record lows meaning no riding for me. booo Well, I rode my bike back from the gym tonight and it was -3 out, but with the wind chill it felt like -17. THAT was very painful. Even with a hat, my ears were in serious pain and were part frozen when I got home. Speaking of frozen, I was outside for TWO minutes last night with wet hair and my hair FROZE solid. It was crazy. There is snow everywhere and the cold smacks you in the face when you walk outside. It’s pretty awesome though…as long as it doesn’t stick around too long. I went for a hike yesterday when it was 7 degrees in town. I got these sweet 0 degree boots last year and finally got to test those bad boys out. It was so gorgeous in the flat irons. It’s amazing how beautiful mountains can be regardless of the conditions. I wish I had a digital camera to share with all, but alas, I am poor and behind the times. Tomorrow I will most likely do another hike since the high is 11 degrees, not suitable riding weather. I wanted to go out and try some skate-skiing, but brrrrrr. Do you realize that collegiate road season starts in a mere 2 weeks. Ughhh..not…in….shape!

I’ve found a new way to waste time. When I was visiting my cousin in Dec., I swore up and down I wouldn’t join it because there are so many skanks and losers on there. however, I decided it’s worth it because you can find people you haven’t talked to in years. My other new favorite time waster is a program called Skype. You can talk(with your voice0 thorugh your computer to people all over the world. I get to talk to my french friend, Matthieu and attempt to speak french. It’s a lot harder than writing it…good practice though. I’m glad he’s so patient with me. With my free internet and cable TV at this new pimp apt, it’s hard for me to get shit done!! By the way, in all of my patheticness, I got drunk from 2 beers last night. Sweet.

I told my advisor back in January that I’m not doing a Phd meaning I wasn’t going to take the prelims and I got to drop this shitty class. There were 8 people that took it and studied their ass off through xmas break and for a month after we got back. 5/8 people failed and the advisors are all pissed off. What do they expect? I was really glad that I didn’t take it after hearing that. I definitely wouldn’t have passed if these geniuses failed. Jeez. These Colorado Power Electronics Faculty members are kind of psycho.

Anyway, it’s late and I need my beauty rest. Have a fantastic day!

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