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By March 4, 2009March 22nd, 20176 Comments

In addition to today’s 70 degree temps, JHilimire joined me for my mtb ride.


He was riding a rigid 29er singlespeed, which is his “play” bike that he hardly uses next to his Fisher geared 29er bike. Let’s just say he whooped my ass on that thing. All I saw on descents were clouds of dirt, hence being “left in the dust”, and all I saw on the climbs were him standing up, raging on the pedals into the sun. Badass!


We rode Heil/Picture Rock/Hall Ranch and back. It was about 4 hours of riding, lots of rocks and being bumped around, especially in his case!


The only time I could take his photos was when he was stopped… like fixing flat tires.   Otherwise, I’d be trying too hard to keep up to be able to reach back and grab my camera!


Here are some clips I took at Hall Ranch. The climb up to the loop is very technical and fun. Jason and I were able to clear most of it, and got to work on our mad skillz. He was more the one with mad skillz doing that on a rigid SS!


Here are some fun video clips/music I took.


I am pretty sure that is the 14’er, Long’s Peak, in the background.

Here is a sweet video Jason took of the descent from the Lollipop at Hall Ranch. He was following me with his Vholdr camera. Same on that Jeff has. I need one!

Click HQ for better video.

After all the sunshine, my legs are now a darker shade of white and there is a little more Vitamin D in me! 🙂

A couple more photos, courtesy of Jason aka J Dawg.



Side note: this post is freakin’ hilarious. I must start reading this blog more often. Thanks for the info, Lizzle!

I’ll be chilling out for some easy rides the next couple days, and will be back at the fun, kinda long mountain rides for the weekend.  I am also happy to say that after basically 3 weeks, I get Mr. Kerkove back.  I have hardly got spend anytime with him lately!  mmm hmmm.


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