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Busting some moves in the Querque

By April 30, 2006March 22nd, 2017One Comment

I drove back to Albuquerque today that way I have a day in between the drive here and the Gila. Silver City is only a few more hours down the road. The drive went pretty quick, I made it in 6.5 hours. My ’94 Sentra was rockin’ today. I was driving 80-85 mph and getting ~42 mpg! I put some new spark plugs in a few weeks ago. I think that helps the gas mileage. I have never really appreciated my little car till now, where gas prices are around 3 bucks a gallon. Now all those gas guzzlin’ SUVs are really paying. Suckas! It’s always nice to come home and get spoiled by my parents. My mom was equipped with cake, cookies, two types of food for dinner, chips and dip, and my dad made us some mojitos. That’s what I’m talking about!

Gila starts on Wednesday. I’m a little nervous because my legs have felt terrible all week. I hope they recover before the race. I am convinced there is an evil leprachaun who lives in my room. He makes bad things happen so I can’t recover in my sleep!!! Hopefully the recovery fairy will pay me a visit. I did a 4 hour endurance ride yesterday out to Carter Lake. It’s kind of out by Fort Collins and is a popular ride among Front Rangites. There were some threatening rain clouds and a 20 mph head-wind for 2 hours all the way out. I’m trying to learn to embrace the wind, so my mantra for the ride was, “wind is good, I like wind.” Here’s some pics of the lake. I was a little hesistant to put this pic of me on here since I look like Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks. Too many cookies. Oh, and I look like a boy. hahaha

Actually, I figured out how to do well this week. For those of you who don’t know, female cyclists have a stereotype of being lesbians. I need to flirt or possibly bust a move on one of the fast women so maybe they’ll let me sit on their wheel. What do ya think? It’s going to be hard to stay motivated and get all my school stuff done. That looming take home final is causing a lot of pain and will eventually cause a lot of tears once I get started!! That’s it…peace out homie(I have to talk like an Alb homeslice since I’m here)

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