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Busy busy

By August 14, 2008One Comment

That would be the name of the game since I got back from OR. It’s been hectic trying to get in a higher volume training week, getting caught up at work, and on life in general. Today was no exception (hence posting at 11 PM) but I’m enjoying it. 🙂 I just finished packing (this is how I roll for almost half the year- home about half the time) for Breck this weekend. I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with some Looneys…err…the fam. 😀

Today was a pretty substantial day of training and I have to say, my legs are kind of sore. Coach gave me a Cyclops PowerTap to use. I have never used a powertap, or a speedometer for that matter. Gasp! I have always wanted to use a powertap, but man, those things are just so expensive and my itty bitty little budget cannot accommodate it. I was very intrigued watching the power numbers and the speed. It made the 3.5 hours and 4000ish ft of climbing go by pretty fast. I basically had to ride up a canyon for an hour as hard as I possibly could. While going hard is not a problem, this was sort of new territory for me. With mountain biking a lot of the time, my effort level is dictated by the terrain. This time, it was just full throttle up a steady grade.

The weather in Breck this weekend is going to be cold and iffy, so I hope that my 4-5 hour mountain bike fun parade isn’t rained on for Saturday. I’ll definitely be wearing full on cold weather riding gear up around 10,000 ft. I’m going to try and stay below that altitude to stay out of trouble and snow. I can’t wait to ride my Cannondale Scalpel on the dirt, even if it is chilly outside. 🙂 Hot chocolate is starting to sound good…

Fall is my favorite time of year in the Front Range of Colorado. It’s amazing and the light goes from a more yellow color to a more clear, white color. It’s not quite fall here yet, but it’s starting to hint at it. I have a lot to look forward to. 🙂

One Comment

  • redemske says:

    It’s getting cool in the mornings in Omaha — fall is still a couple of months off, but it’s getting here. I don’t think I’d mind wearing arm warmers right now. Have fun this weekend.

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