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Busy little bee

By April 14, 2007No Comments

Sorry for the lack of posts for the past 2 weeks. things have been crazy and will stay that way for 2 MORE weeks. Yes folks, the start of bike racing has begun, and combining that with school, work, and training is a lot. Fortunately, I’m done with school very shortly. AND I have just one class left until I have my master’s in electrical engineering. yahoo!

What have I been doing besides healing? (Yes, the wounds are healed(well, almost), my head doesn’t hurt, the whiplash is gone, and I got a new helmet). My arm was so bruised and cut up that people thought I got in a car wreck. They were in shock to know that it was almost self-induced. On the racing front, I’m headed to CA April 27 to stay out there a week. There are two Norba Nationals out there ( that are back to back weekends. Norba Nationals are the national series for mountain biking. It pretty much doesn’t get any bigger than that in the US. One is in wine country near Santa Barbara. A group of us are going to just hang out during the week since it doesn’t really make sense to come back, and then fly back out a few days later. The next weekend is in Fontana. I hope to do some laying on the beach, wave-chasing, and of course, some great wine tasting. This sounds all so glamorous and fun, right?

What you don’t know is the mass of work I have to get done BEFORE I leave and that i have to do while I’m out there. I’m missing the last week of classes, so I have to get my final research projects done early in addition to everything else normally associated with the school week. I have to also make up my hours in the lab for that week BEFORE I leave since the post-doc I work for is leaving when I get back and we need to get all the data processed before then. Did I mention I still have to make sure I’m training and recovering as well? I have to study for a final and finish a paper while I’m out there too. ahhhh. It’s going to be great though. I can’t wait! 🙂

I will be working at Xcel again this summer, but this time in Boulder. YES! I don’t have to commute to Denver. I don’t think I can handle that. That’s going to put a damper on things when I’m looking for a p/t job after I graduate. Limit my options so to speak. So if you know anyone looking to hire in December part-time, let me know. I’ll do whatever. It doesn’t have to be EE! more like EEK! 😉

It’s STILL snowing here in CO. It snows every Friday. They were forecasting a foot of snow yesterday which fortunately didn’t happen. I wish spring would stay sprung.

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