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If anyone has some draino that works for legs, I would love some. The vacation has been great, the racing has NOT. So I’ll start with the good.

After packing my bike till almost 1 AM on Thursday night, the alarm at 5 AM was less than welcoming. I managed to pack up my stuff and get to the bus stop. I met Brian on the bus and it was about an hour ride to the airport. I checked my bike and actually felt pretty violated after that. United Airlines used to have vouchers so we could take our bikes for free. No more. They charged me 85 DOLLARS to take my bike on the plane. I slept for most of the plane ride to San Jose. We changed planes there. The airport only had four gates, and oddly enough, there was a kiosk selling laptops, digital cameras, and DVDs. We arrived at the Santa Barbara airport which seemed to be an outdoor airport. Pics from the airport:

Good old United lost one of my bags, and one of Brian’s which they didn’t deliver until almost 9 PM that night. That meant that we couldn’t pre-ride the course on Friday. It was a bummer. Driving to the area where the race was at was really beautiful. Sorry for the quality of the pics, I took them while we were still moving. It was so weird to see the ocean just right there by the highway.

Ostrich farm on the side of the road. hmm… well, I like ostrich burgers.

We stayed in this town called Solvang. I had booked a hotel at a Danish Lodge. Brian and I rolled into Solvang and saw a place that looked like Svengaard’s Danish Lodge. We tried to open the door, locked. There was a big “for lease” sign. We thought for a minute that our booked hotel was out of business. Turns out it was Schmargasboords Danish Inn. As we progressed through town, we realized the whole town is modelled after a Danish town. Our hotel was also very Danish looking, and was pretty nice.

When I was booking the reservation, the guy kept telling me I was going to love this place.

Cute pics in town. It was all old people and antique shops.

Brian and I went for a short spin the day of the XC. If you can see the trees, they had crazy branches.

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