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Camping photos

By June 26, 2008March 22nd, 2017No Comments

P6223025 There is a Looney Bean coffee in Montrose, CO. The first one was in Mammoth, CA and I had heard it about before. Liz and I were driving through Montrose and I was very excited, and after a latte I was on overdrive. 😀 We stopped in and they had Looney Lattes, Looney Bars, Looney Looney Looney! They did not have a tshirt in my size and had just opened 10 days before…I’m waiting for them to get their online store up and running so I can outfit the Looney clan with Looney Bean memorabilia.

P6203005 Contemplating the meaning of the universe in my sweet Mavic hat. Crossmax!

P6203002 No comment.

P6192896 Heaven…

P6202982 Nature is pretty cool.

P6203006 I talk really really loud, but I don’t sing so loud. My family told me to sing louder, so I was digging deep.


P6192907 I love my camping machete….

P6203007 so much so, that i cut my steak with it….

P6192912 My brother loves machetes too.

P6202971 Nature again. 🙂

P6202953 This waterfall was so awesome. We hiked up on this cliff. I have a video of it too if I ever figure out how to make it work on here.

P6202930 Ouray, CO. I.E. Little Switzerland

P6192889Me and Liz

P6192893 Liz’s summer home.

P6192897 My parents’ pop-up. I actually prefer tents these days…unless it’s raining.

P6192899 Silverton, CO. My second home.

P6202957 Breath-taking waterfalls make me smile. I could sit here for hours.

P6202969 More water

P6213014 Riding….

P6192924 I love my grandpa.

P6223020 Me and one of my best friends/little sis (I have known her since she was born too…Kelly Belly!)

P6213011 Went for a ride up on some jeep roads. Not bad….

P6202986 My real brother (in the glasses), Brian and my sort of little brother, Eric(known him since he was born…)
My brother was very amused by my antics in the river. It was pretty fast paced and cold, but I managed.


P6202990 Going in. I like my Teva hat.

P6202995 Yeee–aaahhhh!!!!!!!

P6202996 AHHH!!!

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