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camping with the fam.

By July 1, 2007March 22nd, 2017One Comment

Liz and I had to sit in construction on the way to Silverton. It was very annoying so we were excited to finally make it there after literally not moving for 30 minutes, and getting stuck behind huge trucks going super slow on a two lane highway. The rest of the photos are compliments of Liz and my grandpa. My camera has been temperamental and can’t hold many photos anyway(I haven’t gotten a memory card).

South Mineral Campground is my favorite place on earth, especially when my favorite people on earth are there! 🙂 We spent time in Silverton, celebrated my mom’s bday, went hiking, had fires and s’mores, relaxed, saw an 8’x8′ piece of ice fall off this huge waterfall, grilled, drank good beer(my dad’s homebrews!), and just had a gosh darn good old time!! 🙂 I won’t go into too many details, but I will post pics. YOu can also check out Liz’s blog too which I posted the address and password a few entries ago.

My poor door. Yeah, that’s a gaping hole where the lock cylinder used to go.

Who could ask for a better pal than Liz???? pretty amazing.

I love this waterfall…I have seen it many times!

Liz made me put my feet in the ice cold river. I don’t mind cold water (obviously from my ice baths), but I HATE getting my feet wet when I have shoes on.

8 bucks…I shoulda bought it

This was on our hike…halfway up!

awww, my dad is so cute.

Hiking photozzzz

Liz realizes she is “Looney-ized.” Hmmm…maybe not a happy camper?? Or maybe she is in shock that she is watching a marching band.

My brother doing his thing!

Ok, enough photos.. I know you’ve had enough. Another note about the trip. it took me NINE AND A HALF hours to get home driving solo. Liz told me there was construction on I-70, so I had a great shortcut planned out which turned into a total nightmare. Sketchy dirt roads, having to turn around after many miles of sketchy dirt road b/c it turned into 4 wheel drive 2 miles away from where I needed to be, and a VERY unhappy Sonya (yes, the drive was solo)

One Comment

  • leapnlzrds says:

    i think i was still getting over the shock of it being a marching band in 1800 costumes….it was a far cry from what my imagination had conjured earlier that day….. 🙂

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