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Sasha Gollish is well-known as a decorated Canadian Competitive Runner, has her PhD in Civil Engineering, and is passionate about girls in sports.  She was a bronze medalist in the 1500 m at the 2015 Pan American Games despite her shoe falling off, has won a variety of short and longer distance races and raced on the Canadian National Team for the IAFF World Marathon Champs.  I love Sasha’s four tenets of living and training.  They are: always play, make choices not sacrifices, work hard, and eat real food- feed the machine.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • from alpine ski racer to marathon running
  • her drive for achievement in all areas of her life, including getting her PhD
  • starting her running career at age 30
  • Sasha’s tenets of training and personal values
  • how to look at food in a healthy way
  • learning to sit with uncomfortable emotions
  • how she dealt with her recent marathon that didn’t go her way 
  • her career as a runner and some fun stories
  • Making the best of Doha World Championships
  • Empowering girls through Fast and Female

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