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The Cape Epic is an 8-day Mountain Bike Stage Race across the terrain surrounding Capetown’s greater mountains.  The Cape Epic is touted as the “World’s Premier Stage Race,” attracted around 2000 people each year.  There are several distances of stage races, and the Cape Epic certainly focuses on endurance with most stages taking 5+ hours. This was my second trip to South Africa and my first time racing the Cape Epic. I raced the UCI Women’s Category with teammate and fellow stage racing veteran, Catherine Williamson.  Catherine has raced 60+ stage races and 2019 was her 7th Cape Epic.  She and I knew each other from previous stage races, but this was our first time teaming up. Image: Sportograf Image: Sportograf   I was really happy with my experience, and also happy with my fitness despite sub-optimal preparation. The heat training I did (if you missed the podcasts, we did a 2 part series on it) worked like a charm.  I also got stronger as the race went on which is always a great feeling. I don’t always feel stronger later in stage races- sometimes I totally melt down.  Catherine and I had a really fun time both on and off the bike. It is one of the most enjoyable team races I’ve done because we had no pressure, we have a similar sense of humor, and we had similar goals and communication. I hope you enjoy this episode!   Image: Sportograf

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • The mental space of showing up to a race feeling like you aren’t as physically prepared as you’d like to be
  • How to choose a teammate and race well together for success
  • Logistics of how we traveled, race nutrition, where we stayed
  • Packing, set-up, what I carried in the race
  • My impressions of the Cape Epic
  • What it was like NOT racing for the podium
  • Savoring & “Don’t Wish It Away’


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