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Catch Up

By April 26, 2013March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Now that I’m finally done with my Yak Attack race reports, I can fast forward to the now!  It’s been a whirlwind!  It’s hard to believe I got back over a month ago!  Three days after I got back from Nepal, I commuted back to my office (the airport) and hopped on plane to Dallas.  I was doing shop visits for Ergon in Dallas, Fort Worth, and then Austin.

It was a nice way to get in a bit recovery time and get over the jet lag.  I got in some good meetings and also spent time with my cousin and family.  They live outside Fort Worth.  I got to see my little “nephew” again and play swords.  It’s funny…playing swords with a 3 year old is more than playing!  It is more true defense and trying to protect yourself from getting whacked!




I drove down to Austin and did some more shop visits.  I also did on ON Dirt clinic.  It was small, but really cool to have some folks come out who were very new to mountain biking. I even got to answer the question “what is singletrack?”  It’s so cool to be able to share things about the sport I love so much and that in a lot ways, defines me as a person.

I met up with my Team SuperAwesome Lord(“we don’t have Lord!” haha, Monty Python, sorry), Wiley, and we went out for a ride.  He also gave me my new skinsuit for the year.  I am not sure if it’s better than the unicorn:




But it’s still pretty hilarious!  I’m hoping to sport it again at CX Vegas and maybe a few other races I jump in this year! A few other TSA member got together and we baptized ourselves in unicorn tears and had some great local brews.

Next, I got to see an old friend.  We get to catch up every so often.  She was the first friend I ever made when I was 1 year old!  She lives in downtown Austin in an apartment.  I’ve never lived downtown in a city.  Her apartment building had this amazing pool and rooftop hot tub overlooking the river.  It was a great way to cap off the trip!

I got home and then it started snowing…again.


and I was back on the trainer.

And it snowed over a foot every single week of the month bringing us up to the average snowfall for the year!

Next, I went to work the Ergon table at Wheatridge Cyclery Women’s Night

We gave away some grips and had some stoked ladies!


It was cool to see literally hundreds of women milling around checking things out!

More updates coming soon!! Next up: Fruita weekend with Elevation Outdoors.

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