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This is from my instagram, but I wanted to post it here too.


Challenge accepted. I thought about only posting a picture of myself looking strong . But then I thought, “What does a strong woman actually look like?” There are many sides of strength with the smiles and victories being just part of the beautiful picture.

Why post both a victory AND a crying photo? I wanted to post a picture like this because to me, strength comes from vulnerability. Crying is the ultimate show of vulnerability. I feel uncomfortable showing that emotion even when it’s just me by myself crying and it’s something I am working on not holding back. Being brave means looking inside yourself and acknowledging it all. (I took this photo when I was pregnant and losing my biggest sponsors. It was freaking hard.)

Personally, empowering other women means building connection through emotional vulnerability and with yourself.

This is strength – getting back up every time you feel this way, every time it is hard and you want to give up. Other women have helped me get back up by sharing their stories; by showing that I am not alone when I’m fighting.

I believe strength and connection come from emotional vulnerability and empowerment comes from the belief that you can always be better. Empowerment is putting a hand up to help other women say “I can do this too.” #ChallengeAccepted #icandothistoo #womensupportingwomen #bettertogether.

Thanks for Dr. Kristin Keim for nominating me and to all of you awesome women who are my tailwind!

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