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By May 27, 2009March 22nd, 2017One Comment

I cashed in my recovery ride yesterday for a 4 mile run, which sounded like endless buckets of fun! (and no, I am actually not kidding, I love running!) I actually used to be a runner before I was a cyclist, and occasionally partake in some running races in the off-season.

Today was a fun spin on the mtb. I usually head out to Marshall Mesa for recovery rides and try to stay off the road bike when I can. 😉 The sun finally was smiling down upon Boulder after like 6 days of clouds, but alas, as soon as I got outside, the wind blew a huge rain cloud over the mountains.


And it followed me…poured on me… but that’s ok. The race Sunday was in the rain, and I figured an extra 30 minutes wouldn’t hurt. Heck! It could even clean off my bike!


Next, I stopped by the Boulder Short Track, which in ’07, was one of my favorite wed night activities. I plan on rectifying that starting next week. I have been too wasted from long races to go bleed out my eyes at max effort for 30 minutes. Next week and hopefully for the month of June, that will be a fun and exciting reality. The event is great, the course is fun, and the people are great too. It is every Wed of the summer till mid August.


It was great to see some familiar faces too.

Then it was home to feed the beast known as my stomach. A salad and a grilled turkey, cheese, and sun-dried tomato sandwich would satiate the bottomless pit for at least a few hours.


And now it’s off to a sports bar with my roommate to go cheer on the Denver Nuggets. I’m not a huge basketball fan, but I like to watch it, and I like it even better when there are tons of drunk people screaming, jumping around, and clapping. I hear a frothy, hoppy beverage calling my name!

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