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Chode a la mode

By April 20, 2005One Comment

GRRRR. I HATE chodes. Today I did a ride up Tramway and La Luz. La Luz…that means the light. They should name it El Dolor…the pain. So I got out at 9 AM today, it was a beautiful day. I went out via the upper bike path and was really enjoying the fact that there was no wind. I rode up Tramway at a decent pace and was horrified at the sight of all the dead/half alive moths on the side of the road. These things were BIG and the sight of them made me queasy. One of them actually made me scream because he started to fly again. I should have smashed the bastard. GROSS! Then, I continued onto La Luz. That road is the most painful experience..and yet I feel the need to ride it once a week! I am always trying to beat my time for some sick reason, system wheels and all. So 2 weeks ago, I did 18:30, last week was 18:12, and this week I got an 18:03. I just want to break 18!! Trust me, that is 18 minutes of sheer agony. I tried to sprint at the end to break 18 and it nearly killed me. I got SO CLOSE! I was in the parking lot, hunched over my bike breathing like there was no oxygen in the air. There were two park rangers who saw me and were probably highly alarmed. I almost barfed in a bush! Then, for some reason, I was getting lightheaded. No wonder they call it the light! 😉 Yes, I know… I am a freak. On the way down, I saw a hawk eating its most recent killing. Hawks are so cool!

Riding down from Tramway, I ran into Marty Moriarity, the lizard, and this other guy. I rode back up Tramway with them and then back down to the bike path. Poor Marty, the guy works night shift at Intel and a “good” day for him is THREE hours of sleep. 🙁 🙁 I complain when I get 6! So far, my ride had been great, until the attack of the irritating, lame chodes. I HATE chodes. I was riding along and first, ZOOM. This lame ass in his aerobars goes by, butt shaking up and down. Ten seconds later… whoosh! This women goes by me. I tried to tell myself, “it’s okay Sonya, this is your rest week. Let them go.” I managed to calm down until we all got caught at a red light. And then…problems started. We were all together. It was annoying me so I went to pass them. The woman starts hammering because she didn’t want me to get by. I was pissed, but I decided to let her go. At least that biatch wouldn’t be bothering me once she got ahead. But then she started to look back every five seconds. Now this, my friends, is something that I cannot stand. It strikes a nerve and I get the rage. So I have chodie in his aerobars and this damn woman trying to hammer and look back to see if she is beating me. I lost it. I laid the smack down… in the 20 mph headwind. Yes..the wind picked up. I knew it was stupid to go that hard, especially during my rest week, but these f*#$ers had to come and ruin my ride. I happened to look back at one point and it was quite obvious that they also had sped up a bit. So I had a decent gap on both of them…until I got stuck trying to cross a street. There was so much traffic and I was waiting for what felt like an eternity. The pesky leech of a chodeman caught me and was acting all ancy to get in front of me when I was trying to cross the street. As Napoleon Dynamite would say, “UHHH!! GOSH! IDIOT!!!” I would not have it. Instead, I blasted off and left him to be his imbicile self. Goodbye chodes. So that was my 3 hour, very eventful ride of the day. Then I came to work to sit at a desk.

High Altitude is on Sunday…it should be fun. There is this woman who lives in El Paso who races Expert. She like 4’11” and probably less than 100 lbs. This woman can climb so I will definitely have my work cut out for me this weekend. At least there is no cactus to crash in. Yes, my foot/ankle STILL hurt from 3 weeks ago when I wrecked and had to take an DNF. UGH. See you next time!

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