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Chris Jung's birthday

By July 18, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

A bar on fratty hill, fake highlights as far as the eye can see, fat no-necks in backwards hats with polo shirts, and a bunch of skinny bike racers. This was the scene on a rockin’ Monday night where if you win a coin toss, you win a drink for a whole american quarter. It was fun to go out and drink some good brews and hang out with fun people who share the same lifestyle of me. Imagine that! I DO have friends! 🙂 We ended up at a very disappointing strip club, but it was at least mildly entertaining… or maybe the site of Chris on stage getting a double teamed lap dance is what made me smile. Who knows? Oh, and I did some pull ups on a tree branch. Photos…

yeeehhaahaaa! Pimpin ain’t easy. Ryan Lynch, some chick, and the bday boy.

Jeff, Miguel, Brian, Ryan.

Rolf and Chris

me and Collin…plus Miguel looking suave. That’s how you pick up chicks!

Wow, that is actually kinda scary. Ryan et moi

Cheers to good lookin’ organic biker boys! Collin, Brian


I am starting to go crazy. It is day 4 of my rest week and I am definitely feeling restless and ancy. I want to ride up some canyons on my bike or fly down some singletrack. ahhhhhh A few more days…. just a few.

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