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Closet Blonde

By June 10, 2006One Comment

OH MY GOSH. Thought I would make fun of myself for a moment and indulge you all in a good laugh. I know you’re laughing with me. 😉 I’m about to take off on my ride…BUT I just spent the last 15 minutes + tearing my apartment apart, screaming in frustration, trying to find my heart rate monitor. I know I’m an obvious brunette, but I SWEAR sometimes I should have been born a blonde to at least I’d have an excuse for being a moron. (sorry to the blondes, you know I don’t mean it!)

Where was Sonya’s HR monitor strap?

A) On the bathroom shelf
B) Underneath a pile of clothes in her room
C) On the kitchen counter
D) She was wearing it

Sadly my friends, the answer is D. Yes, I was searching frantically and fiendishly when all the while, it was tucked under my sports bra, right on me. I must have killed more than a few brain cells with those beers I had last night, or maybe it’s the fact that I am fueled on coffee. The most caffeine I generally have in a day is from one teabag of green tea or yerba mate so….maybe I’m a little hyper and neurotic when hyped up on the coffee bean. Hopefully the grad school won’t read this because although I am off of academic probation and almost at a masters degree in electrical engineering level of education, I seem to be a ditz. SWEET.

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