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Coffee and IMBA

By November 6, 2008March 22nd, 2017One Comment

Yesterday I had coffee at Laughing Goat with a fun gal named Wendy. Wendy works for Picture 1
and is in charge of coordinating events. It looks like Team IMBA is stepping it up and attending 4 fully catered, fully taken care of events after being a Team for 2 years. They were at 24 Hours of Moab this year, and everyone that raced for the team was given good food, massages, you name it!

I know a lot of you have probably heard of IMBA, but a lot of you probably haven’t so I wanted to spread the word. I also hear the complaint that mountain bike racers are selfish and think it’s all about them. Insert funny self-deprecating humor. 🙂 But seriously, I was browsing there site and came across this article. I know most of us already know and respect the trails, but a little reminder never hurts.

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