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“When she shifted from competition to collaboration, all the women around her became radiant stars in a dark blue sky, each one striking and rising, without trying to outshine.”

 “The She Book” – Tanya Markul

We have all felt it – that heavy feeling of jealousy and envy… that feeling that you aren’t enough compared to someone else.  Comparison is something that we can’t help doing as human beings, but it also can make us feel like we are not enough.  What if instead of feeling threatened by someone else’s looks or success, you could actually help each other be better?

There’s actually a book I’ve been reading about this called “Big Potential” by one of my favorite authors, Shawn Achor. It’s about how our success is amplified by the success of those around us making it imperative to be aware of who we are spending our time with.

Collaboration over competition is something I think about a lot.  Even in my races as a competitive athlete, my competitors actually make me better.  It’s all how you choose to look at it. I stumbled across an amazing woman on the internet named Cat Canada who has a website called Ladies Aloud.  I loved it because it was about empowering other women.  If you aren’t a woman, you’ll still get a lot out of this episode.  Cat wanted to create an environment where women could support one another and help each other in meaningful ways.  It sets the tone for every other interaction.  On Ladies Aloud, there are inspiring stories, articles on conscious living, and a hub to find events.

I love this podcast guest because we talked about what it means to be feminine in this day and age and how we can be more supportive of one another instead of threatened.  I think this conversation is interesting because Cat played soccer at a very high level for most of her life on a team of women and that dynamic seems to have inspired her along this path.

I love this quote from Cat “The well of success is endlessly abundant; one woman’s success does not threaten your own!” She says, “amplifying other women is at the heart of everything we do.”  As a side note, what can you do to help amplify people in your life?

Power, friendship, and connection are built upon vulnerability.  So let’s get into this juicy episode with Cat Canada

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • how and why Cat started Ladies Aloud
  • defining a new wave of feminism
  • why it’s okay to not have answers
  • Cat’s experience as a female athlete
  • when is competition healthy and how to be happy for your competitors
  • discussion around body image
  • writing for Ladies Aloud

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