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Colorado welcomed me back with a bite

By December 4, 2009March 22nd, 2017One Comment

I got home on Tuesday, and by Wed AM, the ground was covered with 6+ inches of snow! The weather was waiting for me. I hadn’t ridden my bike in 3 days (rest week), so by Wednesday, it was time to get out on the bike. Fortunately, my boyfriend, Mr. Kerkove, is crazier than I am. He told me to come up to Fort Collins to ride with him (just 1 hour recovery ride), and claimed there was less snow. Feeling thankful that I had someone to keep me motivated, I packed up the car and headed North 45 miles. (most people don’t realize this, but we live about 45 miles apart)

He was right! There was WAY less snow there. It was just cold and wet.


I watched a car drive by at full speed and drench Jeff, like splash mountain. EEEEK.

My fender served its purpose.

Fortunately, with all my warm clothes I acquired this year and last year, riding in temps in the teens wasn’t too bad.

Thursday, the roads were super icy, but I still needed to get in a spin. I dusted off the trainer for the first time this winter (and because it is so old school, had to spend time making it work) and hopped on it. I passed the time watching Ace Ventura on my ipod. I didn’t even think to use an ipod to watch movies last year. For some reason, it engages me more than the TV. I think it’s because I wear the ear buds.


I bought this thing for 20 bucks, 6 years ago. haha

Today, I am getting out on an epic back country snowshoeing adventure with my friend, Eddie.

This week of winter is not looking very comfortable for riding.

Screen shot 2009-12-04 at 7.52.29 AM

Tomorrow, I’m going back up to Fort Collins since there is less snow and ice. Sunday will most likely be another snowshoe day. I’m getting a ton of use out of my Ergon BA3!

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