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Coming around

By April 1, 2009March 22nd, 20174 Comments

Being at sea level for 9 days, and then coming back to Colorado and trying to train has been kind of a slap in the face! I totally feel for you guys who live down low and have to come up here to race. My body is finally starting to re-adjust to training at 5000-7000′ higher than where I was sleeping for the past week and a half. Yesterday’s workout was pretty much a disaster – my legs wouldn’t move at all and my HR was super low at high effort. It has happened before, so I turned my day into a recovery ride, headed home, and tried not to worry about it. It has been crazy windy here too, so that didn’t help my mood!

Then I checked the weather. They were saying 2-6″ of snow starting at 11 AM today, so I got up early and got my ride done before 10 AM. I attempted to repeat yesterday’s workout – three 15 minute zone 4 efforts. I did the repeats up Sunshine Canyon.
It was pretty cold out when I left – 27F, but it didn’t feel too bad considering it’s been in the low 30s WITH 30 mph winds. The first interval went ok, but not great. My power was kinda low and my legs weren’t pushing the way I wanted them to. Then the second one went better, and the third went even better. Each interval, my avg power jumped up by 10W. It was encouraging to see my legs come back around. I felt WAAAAY better today compared to yesterday. My legs are still not at 100%, but are getting there and should be good to go by the race on Sunday!

Power file:
Picture 2
200W, then 210W, then 220W. I wonder what it would have been if I did a fourth interval?

Of course, by the time I finished my workout, the sun was peaking through the clouds. Now the weatherman is saying snow at 7 PM. It’s kind of annoying, but I did not want to risk trying to do hill intervals in a snowstorm. I just hope the roads are okay tomorrow. Jeff, Yuki, and I are starting the drive to Arkansas. It’s 17 hours, so we will take 2 days. The wheels on the FJ go round and round… round and round….


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