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Coming on up!

By July 16, 2008March 22nd, 20173 Comments


Well I have had a few days rest and a nice long ride today. I’m gearing up for the B-32 in Breckenridge. There are a bunch of other distances like the 78 and the 100, but I think 32 will be quite long enough. 🙂 It’s actually the second longest XC I have chosen to partake in this year!! (Sea Otter was the longest) This is another training race for me, but the course is going to be super sweet. Who knows, maybe I will continue to feel better on the bike!! 🙂 I sure hope so. I ate a steak AND took iron today. I’m wondering how soon I’ll gain those 6 points of hematocrit back that I lost this year. Oxygen is useful and good, and my muscles would really like some. 🙂

Took a ride today on the token trails in Boulder- Marshall Mesa and Dowdy Draw for zone 2 work and then the Betasso Connector for some serious pain Z4/Z5 pain in the quads! Pics for your viewing pleasure.

P7163265 Ummm.. moo?

I ate some cow for dinner. He was delicious.

The Flat Irons.

Marshall Mesa

P7163275 Singletrax! 🙂


P7163279 Connector. FUN!

More Betasso connector. The actual loop at the top is closed on Wed and Sat, so that was a no go.


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