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I have been motivated and busy writing some articles as you can see.  Most of the motivation actually comes from you, my readers, and this blog.  I often get questions in my comments, facebook, twitter, or just from friends asking for riding advice, information, or just food for thought.  I figured instead of telling one person, I’d write about it and share with everyone.  In the clinics that I do, there are questions about descending and most people think their weakness is descending. While to some, the following article may seem rudimentary, I think it is very useful.  If I’m having a day where I’m struggling, I often remind myself of these simple things because when you get nervous it’s hard to remember!

I have a couple articles coming out in upcoming months in Competitor magazine. You can pick up a copy if you’re local (there are tons of other great things to read about in there, much better than mine!) or can read my specific articles here. I’ll continue to post ’em as they come up.

Cover… it’s a free publication. I think there are different focuses for different areas of the country.

p2This is probably easier to read if you click the image, hit all sizes in flickr, and you can blow it up.

Short track tonight!!!! We’ll see how the legs are faring after the training weekend. I managed to get ahead at work, so I’m heading back to Breckenridge after work (crossing my fingers my car will make yet another trip up the highway to the high country without dying) I’m going to be riding the last 2 stages of the Breck Epic on Thursday and Friday for some great high altitude training, and one final push before the Breck 100. Hopefully I’ll be breathing too hard to heckle! haha

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