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By November 14, 2009March 22nd, 20175 Comments

This week had a pretty diverse weather forecast. Some days, it was 60-70F and I was riding in shorts. Near the end of the week (like today), highs in the low 30s and lots of snow. I had a pretty good training week, and focused on force. Base miles = mostly Zone 2.

Wednesday… road bike up a canyon.

Screen shot 2009-11-11 at 3.44.00 PM

Some mountain biking at Heil Ranch/Picture Rock on Thursday. It was 70F out, and I saw like 15 people on the trail during the afternoon!

Picture Rock
I love how my Suunto T6 maps the elevation profile. COOL!

Then back to the road bike on Friday.

The forecast for today, Saturday, was 5-10″ of snow starting the in PM, so I tried to get out a little earlier. It was about 30F in town when I left, pretty cold all in all. The only saving grace was that it wasn’t super wet outside, so I was able to stay warm. Climbing for 2+ hours ensured I was super warm… in fact, I was sweating a ton! I had to take off my jacket and strap it to my pack, and my hair was getting wet from sweat. On the way back down, it froze solid and was whipping around in the wind like a squirrel tail.

Here is a video I took. Skip the first 15 sec, they are super bouncy!

Watch the car coming… run little squirrel!!!

Gold Hill, Ward, 11/14
I brought the pack because it was easier to carry clothing, and I also added some weight to it. Carrying weight uphill can make you stronger!

Gold Hill, Ward, 11/14
Definitely wintery in the mountains.

Gold Hill, Ward, 11/14
I rode to Gold Hill via Sunshine Canyon. It was the foggiest there. I continued up Gold Hill Rd, and came down Sawmill.

Gold Hill, Ward, 11/14
There was some carnage… looks like a couple cars caught on fire.

Gold Hill, Ward, 11/14

Gold Hill, Ward, 11/14
About to go down Sawmill Road.

Then headed up the road to Peak to Peak Highway.

Gold Hill, Ward, 11/14
I rode a little ways on Peak to Peak before I decided it was too wet.

Gold Hill, Ward, 11/14
Lefthand Canyon was wet near the top because it was snowing.

Gold Hill, Ward, 11/14
I brought some Chai (the sugary kind!) in my Nissan thermos. It kept it piping hot for 3 hours.

Gold Hill, Ward, 11/14
The hardest part about riding up the canyons in the winter is the ride back down. My hands freeze no matter what gloves I wear. I tried something creative this time. I think I want to try these gloves.

I have never owned actual base layers (I always used running shirts), and I just got some Craft baselayers. I am very impressed with them. They totally rock!

Being warm makes me happy. What a goober.

Last weekend, it was warm and the colors were red and brown. This weekend, it is cold, and everything is turning dark with white snow. Tomorrow – hiking. Next weekend…. Albuquerque!


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