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Cool the jets

By April 7, 2009March 22nd, 20172 Comments

After 14.5 hours in the car yesterday, it was nice to get back to CO! Jeff drove the whole way back, and Yuki and I tried to keep ourselves entertained. That was a looong day in the car driving across OK and KS! This week will be rebuilding what I have destroyed.

Fortunately the effects of my crash are not hampering me in any way. It’s just kind of annoying to have this big lump on my shin with fluid painfully sloshing around in it. The bruise on my hip is already getting better too. “Tis but a scratch! It’s merely a flesh wound!”

I came across this video of the start on Chris Locke’s blog.

Lots of people! It’s actually kind of scary riding in a peloton of mountain bikers of that size.

I am hoping to find some action shots and/or videos. That’d be goood.

Today was a long, busy day at work and an easy little recovery ride for about 1.5 hours. Recovery rides are tough for me. I have to constantly remind myself to go slow and not push. Today I distracted myself by whistling to John Coltrane and not allowing myself to use the big ring.

Tomorrow will be a bike cleaning day…. my poor, sweet Rotwild. He worked hard this weekend. I used the Ergon GR2 Carbon grips for this race. They worked awesome. It was cool to see so many people with Ergon grips on their bikes.

Tomorrow will be another day at work and seeing what Coach has in store for me the rest of the week!


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