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Cooling the jets

By August 6, 2009March 22nd, 2017No Comments

I am focused on recovery this week.  I took 2 days off the bike, and have been doing easy 1.5 hour rides and am hoping to make up for my lost, precious week of recovery time after the Breck 100.  I have a lot of long races that are timed just right (i.e. every other weekend) such that if I miss a week of recovery, it’s hell to pay!  It is actually really cool to see my body developing and adapting to endurance racing recovery.  This past spring, it would take almost 2 weeks for me to recover from a 50 mile race.  Now, it only takes a few days.  It is taking about 2 weeks to recovery from 70+ mile races at this stage.  I wonder if next year, it’ll take a week?

It’s July and it gets hot, even here in Colorado so I’ve been hitting the roads around 8 AM instead of after work in the afternoon/evening.  I dusted off my road bike and put some fresh rubber on the wheels too!   Continental was super awesome, and sent me some Gator Skins.  I picked the 25 width (vs. the 23s I had before) so I can try to rail the corners on dirt roads a little faster!  I just need a cross bike… yes. cyclocross. hmmmmm….

Picture 1
Continental Gator Skins

CO Sunflowers


Yesterday I hit up my standard issue recovery ride – Marshall Mesa. My reward for not riding much this week is riding Monarch Crest on Saturday with Jeff, Rebecca, and other friends. There should be some awesome photos to be had!!

Now where is my pint of delicious coffee…..?

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