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Countdown to Nepal

By February 9, 2012March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Wait, what? I really leave for Nepal in 2.5 weeks? Already? It still doesn’t seem real!! Part of me goes into panic mode. What am I forgetting? I only have 2.5 weeks left to train? I look back at the last couple months of tough training and of preparing info and gear and realize that in fact, YES. I am *almost* ready!

This trip will be the experience of a lifetime. There are going to be some really great adventures and I’m excited for the challenge and the breathtaking and majestic beauty of the Himalayas. Ten days of racing will be tough, but also amazing to spend some real time with the Nepalese and the other racers in our small community that will soon come together. I’m feeling strong and confident, but of course, there is always that fear. The fear of failure. It’s very unlikely, but there is still a small voice of doubt that I’ve banished to the back of my head. I’m drawn to the siren song of discovering what’s behind the “what if?” Breaking out and doing things that many do not get the opportunity to do, or that people do no thave the courage to do opens the door to the unknown. I’m finding that the unknown is captivating. It offers so much opportunity for growth in life – new culture, new independence, new experience, and more wisdom. I’m very lucky for this chance and it reinforces that idea of “you never know until you try.”

How do you prepare for a 10 day race in Nepal? With the help of Jason and Fascat Coaching, my training is almost dialed. The race consists mostly of going uphilll and hiking the bike at altitude. Due to the restrictions of winter, I have not been able to train as high as I would like, but I know I am proficient enough at 14,000′… but there is a question in my mind of how I’ll do at 17,769′ into the sky. I’ve been working on some sweet spot workand some tempo work as well. Another great benefit from this race is that I’ll start the domestic season much fitter than I ever have.

If you haven’t seen it posted on my facebook or twitter, here is training video #2 from a couple rides last week. I’m still playing with Imovie. I’m really happy with the effects of voiceover. The weather has shifted to winter in Boulder. We are getting regular snow, but my mental game is strong. The weather won’t stop me.


I was surprised how quickly the roads were cleared off. Studded tires were overkill.

Digging the Hestra gloves I bought this winter. I got a pair of the leather gloves and windstopper gloves. Good stuff.

I’ve been in Salt Lake City for the last couple days doing a bunch of Ergon product training. It’s been nice to have a short break from training, but now I’m even hungrier to start my last training block before I start my taper to the race. The last hard block starts tomorrow. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

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