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Crank Brothers/Ergon Laguna Beach Ride

By April 23, 2009March 22nd, 20179 Comments

After feeling tired and sick all day yesterday, my body somehow pulled a 180 during the ride. I blame stress and some seemingly expired eggs I probably ate for breakfast from a coffee shop for the nausea that ensued.

There were over 20 people that rolled up to the Crank Brothers office in Laguna Beach. I love that office and the people that come with it!

I got to meet some great new and old friends at the ride, including Jordan, Allison, Tim and the crew at Troupe Racing, and Chris and a bunch of other great peeps.

Jordan and I

It was a treat to ride around with superstar Allison Mann. Not much bike time over the past couple years and she is swiftly making her way to a podium spot in the Pro XC scene. Sweet!

The ride was pretty mellow which was good and I got to chat with a bunch of riders from the SoCal area. The trails were fun, the weather had cooled off. All in all, it was the best way to spend my last night in Laguna Beach.

The ride started up a climb complete with goats and ocean views. yeah, I said goats. baaaah!!!!

It’s always nice yet odd to see the ocean on rides.

Regrouping at the bottom of a descent.

Hup! hup!

The ride ended up being 2 hours and 2000 ft of climbing. Very nice!



Relaxing and drooling in the Crank Brothers office post ride.


Luke Wiens
gave Jeff some red wine from his family’s vineyard. Good thing jerseys have pockets to store…hydration tools. ha!

After that was Mexican food and some Dos Equis Amber with lime. When you can’t do the CO microbrews, drink ice cold beach beer. YEAH!

Side note… I’ll be finding my next hung o man here. NOT! ha ha ha!

This morning we started the drive toward Arizona. Leg 3 of the road trip has commenced.  Check back tomorrow for some pre-ride pics, Ergon booth pics, and general mayhem-ness.


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