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Crazy weather trends…again

By December 2, 2008March 22nd, 20173 Comments

I have posted the weather before, and it seems to get really warm and windy right before it snows. Take, for example, the weather on deck for this week:

Picture 1

Wow, I can work on my tanlines today and then be a popsicle on Wed. and Thursday.  Coach has me riding 2.5 hours every day this week.  Someone asked me on the facebook what I do when it gets cold or wet out.  Well…I keep riding.  I rode the trainer for approximately 10 hours over the winter last year and the rest of the time was spent playing in the snow and slush.  In past years, all I have owned for winter riding is arm warmers, a wind vest, a wind jacket, knee warmers, non-water proof gloves, leg warmers, shoe covers, and beanies.  Yes… it is hell on wheels blasting down a canyon road in the dead of winter after sweating on the way up, but I have made due.  It didn’t seem like that big of a deal.  My hands and feet would thaw out, but it would sting like hell getting in the shower.

This year, I am outfitting myself with better gear so I don’t dread the winter months so much. I think it’s one of those things where if you don’t know any better, it doesn’t matter – like when I used to race hill climbs on a 35 lb free ride bike, 100 oz camelback, and had never been happier. The idea of that now makes me laugh and cringe.   I recently purchased the Endura Stealth Waterproof winter riding jacket. I got in the mail last night and was so excited, that I wore it in the house until I was sweating. It will be put to good use in the next 2 days, and I will write a review about it. I also go the Strike Waterproof Gloves. Winter, I am ready for you.


  • sarah a says:

    Thanks for the gear tips. I’ve been making do for a couple of winters and have recently started getting some real gear for this winter. Looking forward to your reviews!

  • Matt says:

    quick tip: NEVER remove those gloves out on a ride they’re a nightmare to get back on, they fingers pull down inside, every ride last winter I needed a spoon to be able to flip the fingers back the right way.

    glad you keep on riding, I’m not riding (much) this winter, sick of destroying bikes.

  • Justin says:

    I have found a few good things to help with winter riding.

    2 sets of gloves. One for extended climbs, one for decents. This way the sweaty gloves come off and my hands stay warm. I am cheap so my descending gloves consist of a pair of Isotoner gloves and a pair of XL MTB gloves over them. Have not found anything warmer.

    For long decents I pack a Turtle Fur (neck/face warmer for skiing). I throw that on and my neck and face doesn’t freeze, I think it also helps to keep your head warm as the blood going through your neck doesn’t drop temp.

    I still have not found a really good way to keep my feet from freezing/going numb. I hear Lake shoes are the answer but find it hard to shell out for special winter shoes.

    Good luck with your winter training!

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