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CyclingDirt – Pro Mountain Biking

By April 12, 2009No Comments

I frequent  Cycling Dirt on almost a daily basis.  I think it’s awesome that it’s dedicated to mountain bike racing.  Let’s face it, road racing on this planet is a much bigger deal than mountain bike racing so 85% of what we hear about has to do with slick skinny tires – not that there is anything wrong with that.  But us dirt junkie enthusiasts want to hear more about mountain biking.

When people find out I am a pro who are not in the sport say, “Well what does that mean?”  I think that Colt from Cycling Dirt has a good take on it here. E.g.  We work our asses off, most of us don’t get paid, and the marketing of the sport is a little off.  It’s not very spectator friendly. I think that is how it is across the board with endurance sports, but mountain biking is one of the least spectator friendly in the United States.   Bottom line – people race mountain bikes because they love the sport, not for glory or money.  It is bittersweet.  I love the passion in the sport and that makes it extra special, but sometimes I wonder if too much glory or money was thrown in, if it would taint it.  I don’t know…  the cock-eyed optimist in me says “I hope not!”

Time to go ride!

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