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Dancing… on pedals.

By March 1, 2009March 22nd, 20179 Comments

After being totally trashed after my ride and spending the rest of the evening laying down yesterday, and then getting an absolutely terrible night’s sleep, I was skeptical that my legs would go.  Especially since they already had 17 hours of training in them for the week.  I ended up bailing on the cool guy ride up in Fort Collins, trying to wake up and have a relaxing morning, and head out on my own.  If I felt tired, no prob, I’d just do a recovery ride.  If I felt good, I’d go for it.  No consequences since I’d be near home. I am kind of glad I didn’t go on the ride after finding out that it was mostly pro dudes there hammering. That would have been a “looney off the back” situation.

Since I am still stoked on my new road schwag, I took the Cannondale SuperSix out for another ride.  It’s getting some serious action this week! 😉  So this is where I rode today:  Up Lee Hill, down to the stop sign, up to Jamestown, up to Ward, and back on Old Stage.  I intended on riding Jamestown to Peak to Peak, but the headwind riding to Jamestown was raging and I didn’t want to get blown off my bike at the highway again this week.  Surprisingly, riding to Ward wasn’t too windy.

I love canyon roads. They rock my world when I have to ride the road bike.  Final turn up to Ward (9200′).  The last mile can be a biatch.

My legs actually felt great today!!!  I don’t know how or why.  I am guessing because I spent time laying down after my ride which I never do, and I have been trying to do extra stretching.  I have also been using some free samples I got in race packets of Recovery Rub to massage my tired, sore legs. It seems to be working b/c I wake up in the morning feeling much better. I might have to buy some soon. I haven’t tried it before a ride yet like the website says to do… just after as massage lotion.

There is an underground spring where water constantly flows up at Ward. The water is so clean and delicious that people drive at least an hour (like from Boulder or Longmont) to fill up. As I took this, another car pulled up with some water jugs to fill. This is where I get cool, clear water. It doesn’t usually freeze in the winter either. Nice!

More playing with IMovie.

Picture 1
Zee power file.  You can easily see where I was climbing.  Lee Hill, then Jamestown at an easier clip, then Ward, then Old Stage.  Voila.  I did some zone 4 subthreshold efforts up Lee Hill and low Z3 tempo up to Ward.

This week was a good, solid block of training.

Stats: 20.5 hours, 12,000 + ft of climbing, 240+ miles, 4 days of big workouts, 3 days of easy riding.

I am preparing and training my butt off b/c I leave March 19 for a 9 day family vacay in the Carribbean, and then leave for Arkansas a few days after I get back for my first endurance race of the year. From there, it’s basically a block of 3 big races. Ouachita 60, Sea Otter (XC and Short Track), and Whiskey 50. I am not really prepared for Sea Otter since I have not been training at high intensity, so it’ll be um, interesting.

I’m excited for the next full week of training and even more excited about the weather. What a wonderful week to be in Boulder, CO as long as the winds stay reasonable!

Picture 2


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