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das Interbike

By September 29, 2008March 22nd, 20174 Comments

I’m back!  Sorry I didn’t post for so long. I literally have not turned ON my computer since I left for Interbike 1.5 weeks ago.  It’s been pretty dang busy! I got back yesterday(and vowed to leave my computer in “off” mode) and unfortunately have come down with what appears to be a nasty sinus infection. I have a fever, achy body, sore throat, and massive headache… it’s tough catching up on work emails with a chisel beating into your head. Yeee-owwww.  It’s like post-partum Interbike syndrome. 😉  I am super bummed because I have been super ancy to ride and it’s going to be at least a few days. I guess all the people in Vegas and lack of sleep is too much for this gal to handle.  Hopefully Mr. Kerkove and I will head up to the mountains this weekend for some epic fall riding…. crossing my fingers.  Go white blood cells!

Anyway, Las Vegas was fun and Interbike was even better.  It was my first time to Vegas, yet it wasn’t that shocking after all the stories I had heard.  We didn’t get too much time to go to the strip, but one evening, I got to walk around with no plan for an hour or two. It was cool to go to Vegas…but it’s not quite my scene. I like to be up in some mountain town in my tent with some good microbrews. 😀

So backing it up.  I helped Jeff set up the booth for Outdoor Demo and meanwhile, I also went and drooled all over the Cannondale’s at their massive set-up.



ooooooo.  Checking out the new bikes with my Sobe Elixir drink.



That night, we walked around the strip a little bit.



How many hooker playing cards did you pick up? whaaa? 😉



Playing the slot machines topless… j/k 😉


I gambled a whole 2 dollars and only got a quarter back. Gambling is pretty boring to me… I’d at least like to play mario-kart arcade style or something for the money I gave them.

I spent the next two days setting up the Ergon and Zoelle booth at the Sands Convention Center.

Ergon booth set-up.

For some reason, I didn’t get a picture of the Zoelle booth… guess I was too busy to think about it. So sorry!! It was pretty cool. There were some photographers coming by, so I think I should be able to dig a photo up somewhere.


Fork lift bumper cars.

The show was Wed-Friday.  We got a lot of really good response to the Zoelle clothing… lots of interested women. It was fun to talk to the new exhibitors as well. We were set up next to Beljum Budder and Kuat. I told the guys at Beljum Budder of my taint problem from 2 weeks before, so they were very generous to give me a sample of their product to try. If I ever shake this sinus infection and get to ride my bike again, I will love to use it. 🙂 From what I heard, the Ergon booth was hopping as well. They had a cool set-up which you can see a video of on Jeff’s blog . Kim and I were able to hold the fort down pretty well at Zoelle and had a great time. We got to go to a couple cool restaurants and clubs including an amazing dinner with the Topeak crowd. Between them and the Ergon crew, I had a really great time with some really great people.

I didn’t get to see too much of the show, but what I did see was pretty cool. I was lucky enough to get out and thank all of my Sobe Cannondale team sponsors.

Food/outing highlights:


Jeffrey, da man, enjoying a delectable German bier at the Haufbrauhaus. It was mayhem in there with people eating at big picnic tables, a band playing german music, and general drunken debauchery.


some German cuisine. uh huh huh huh (Butthead’s laugh) sausage. It’s not mine!


Looney, the beer gnome. I am more partial to Dunkel.


There was some Italian goodness with the Ergon crew. Yes, that IS Dave Wiens. 🙂




Some of us had some pink tacos at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Hey-O!!!


Jeff, Richard, Dave, and I went to an IMBA sponsored breakfast that was delightful. Thanks for all those trails. 🙂


I got to spend some time at a club with Irina Kalentieva…2007 world champion, 2008 bronze olympic medalist. Lucky me!

Other highlights:

The Oktoberfest party went well.  One of the guys at Beljum Budder took a really funny photo I am waiting for him to send me.  Kim and I had to wear German barmaid outfits, so I dusted off old faithful (my Halloween costume from last year) and rocked it…I wasn’t as nervous after a few beers.  Dave Wiens and Irina Kalentieva signed a bunch of autographs, and Kim and I entertained the drunk mass of dudes.

I finally got to meet celebrity Guitar Ted. He is one of Jeff’s best buds and highly regarded product tester…also now owns the Trans-Iowa race. Sounds pretty brutal if you ask me. It’s great to meet someone in person after reading their blog and hearing about them because you get to feel their energy and jovial demeanor. 🙂

I got to meet the Twin Six dudes. Brent and Ryan are the minds behind the cools tshirts we all wear. Awesome work guys. 🙂 Raise the roof. haha!! 🙂

After several messages back and forth over the last month, I met Liz Hatch . Not only is she a hottie, but she’s also very sweet. That’s kind of rare if you ask me!

When I left Boulder, it was Indian Summer. In the week, I was gone, it hard turned to fall in the mountains.


P9274509 Luxury rest stops in Utah….

That’s all for now. I’ll let you know how I’m feeling tomorrow….


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