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Das rattlesnake

By October 17, 2008March 22nd, 20179 Comments

Being from the Querque, the rattlers are common the trail. I have never seen one in Colorado. “Get your ass off the trail!!”

A few more Fort Rollins pics.




  • Jeff says:

    I thought we were going to die 😉

  • Brian Stevens says:

    The snake video is cool! huh huh huh (bevis laugh)
    At least it was out in the open and did not ambush you are stalk you for miles, just kidding.

  • Brian Stevens says:

    looked like you were Blue Sky Trail, Hope you liked it, other than wildlife crossing

  • Jason says:

    PETA will be calling about snake abuse. IMBA will be calling about trail destruction. And I will be in the bathroom evac-ing my intestine from the fear of just seeing VIDEO of Mr. R. Snake. Yike! I hate me some snakes.

  • Steve says:

    Years ago a friend and I rode up at Matthew Winters for the first time. They have Rattlesnake Warnings posted all over the place and so we were a little freaked out. We were in that meadowishy section as you get closer to Red Rocks when all of a sudden he goes flying by me, screaming his ass off.
    He stopped about 100 yards after he passed me. Turns out he had a pinch flat. He thought that the snake was chasing him at 20+ mph. We laughed so hard for the rest of the day that we had a hard time making it back to the parking lot.

  • Urs says:

    Strictly speaking a rattlesnake “Klapperschlange” is female in German, hence it would be “Die Klapperschlange”.

  • sonya says:

    Calling it Das Rattlesnake was a joke. 🙂 but thanks for the info. That could be my new favorite word now.

  • Jordan says:

    we get usually a few rattlers on the trails out here pretty often. that trail was pretty wide u guys could have made it by no problem. way worse when you are stuck on a tight singletrack!

  • cocheese says:

    When I was riding my bike as a kid, I had a snake drop out of a tree and land around my neck. Freaked me out bigtime! The housekeeper came out and chopped its head off with a hoe. Memories…

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