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There’s a lot of uncertainty right now.  Dealing with uncertainty during the election and beyond is a great lesson for the times we are in for trying times in the future. We all experience times where waiting is the only thing we can do.  Times where we look for control when we don’t have much.  The discomfort that arises with waiting and uncertainty can be hard to deal with. Some people turn to drugs and alcohol (a form of self-indulgence disguises as self-care). Others turn to loved ones, discussion, exercise, healthy food, extra rest, and time in nature.  And some of us really struggle with anxiety and just feel depressed, restless, or powerless.  Whatever you’re doing or feeling is probably normal.

As a podcaster and researcher in the field of mental health, mindfulness, and mindset, I wanted to offer a few tools that are helpful during times of uncertainty.  Dealing with uncertainty during the election is definitely something we are all going through, but these tools can help you in other times- waiting to hear back about something at work, a diagnosis, a proposal, waiting for your kid to get home when they miss curfew. As Tom Petty said, “The waiting is the hardest part.”

You’ll hear about:

1. Control the controllables (and sometimes we think we are doing that by searching for even more information)

2. Self-care in the form of self-restoration

3. Mindfulness practice, sitting with discomfort

4. Looking for humanity

5. Practicing self-compassion

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