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Deer Valley Norba National Short Track

By June 18, 20072 Comments

AFter waiting around all day for the start, Judy and I were excited when we could start playing with our bikes and go warm up. My legs were rotten meat sticks on the warm-up. After a few hard efforts, they only felt worse! I rode a few laps on the course and was dreading my fate of finishing in the back. I was cursing myself for passing on the ice bath the night before. I even was contemplating not even starting the race.

I lined up pretty much in the back and wasn’t nervous. I just wanted it over! I managed to not get stuck behind a crash and was in a pretty good spot. I wasn’t sure exactly how far in front I was, I figured in the 20s somewhere. I got passed by a few people after awhile but was having fun and was surprised I was keeping my position. I was digging deep on the climb so much that I could taste the blood/iron taste from my lungs. Yummy!! Then something bad happened. A girl bobbled in front of me and I had to get off the bike and start running. A few more girls came by. By the time I was back on my bike, the group I was in front of was gone!! Then I got pulled. We watched the men’s race which was pretty exciting too. My heart broke a little when I saw Ross Schnell in his sweet Trek suit go down in a corner when it was looking like the podium was calling his name. His luck is worse than mine this year, but he’s totally got it. We all know. 🙂

Judy and I began the long drive back to Boulder and got in close to 2 am. I was glad to get home and sleep in my own bed that night. I checked results today and was flabberghasted at my result. 21st. By far my best result at a national. Furthermore, I looked into the results further. I looked at the names of the people that passed me. Turns out I was riding in 13th-17th for most of the laps. I am super excited!! This is by far the best I have done so far at a national. Maybe it’s the gluten and dairy free diet I have been on for 2.5 weeks!! OH yeah, I didn’t tell you about my food allergy diet. I was off tomato, wine, chocolate, soy products, dariy, wheat/gluten, bell pepper, and mint for 2.5 weeks. It was really hard and I’m starting to reintroduce stuff into my diet to see what is the allergen (I have had bad heartburn for 2 years). I found that gluten/dairy free makes me recover faster and rider harder. yaaaay

boulder short track on Wednesday. Can’t wait.


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