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Deer Valley Norba National

By July 11, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Pictures!! Race reports coming up later… in short, having some dehydration issues this year that I need to fix. Haven’t had one good race yet. I still had a great time!

Park City, Utah. This place almost reminds me of Durango minus the Mormons

Funny couch at this cow ice cream place. Me and T-Rich.

They were selling these purses with little stuffed dog heads sticking out. Someone told me they were supposed to be a Paris Hilton thing. First of all, this was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. Second. why oh WHY would you want your child imitating Paris Hilton?

Jack was slack-lining in the park(slack-lining is basically tight rope walking). He could run and jump onto the slackline, do tricks while walking on it, and do a back flip OFF of it. Those Baums have some talent I tell ya. If you can’t see it, look closer. It looks like a tight rope.

El Nina welcoming you to the gun show.

At the big pimpin condo

Myron cooked us dinner and had some NON 3-2 wine. YES!

Shannon doing it up right.

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