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DeMars Ultra CX!

By October 23, 2012March 22nd, 2017One Comment

When my friend Shane told me he’d be putting on an Ultra CX race in my Boulder, I made it my business to RSVP. I have to hand it to him, he is pretty new to the bike world and is already promoting his own “underground” races. There are a lot of stressful behind the scenes work that goes into putting on a race.

Last Sunday morning, a group of about 60 enthusiastic riders all showed up with one thing on their agenda: mega fun!


The short singletrack portion had to be cut out because of the number of people that showed up, but the course was still tough with dirt roads, paved road, and teeny bit of trail. I decided to do it on my mountain bike since it’s the bike I’m racing at La Ruta and it was a training ride for the most part anyway. I got a killer workout! I thought for sure I’d get schooled by everyone on CX bikes. My friend Josh was also on his mountain bike. We hit the first climb really hard (the route was something like 50 miles and 6000′ of elevation gain) I found myself riding in and around the lead group! It was 2 weeks after 24 Nationals and I was glad to see that I was recovered.

I also needed a costume. I was the biermeister! And Yes, I kept the mask on the whole time 🙂 I also rocked my cape and another huge plush beer on my handlebar. It was actually kind of sketchy with the cape and the beer on my helmet going 40 mph downhill! Major wind drag!



There was one fun hike a bike!

Josh was laughing at me pushing up the super steep pitch. It was tough!

I got to ride with some great people throughout the course and even learn a few new routes. I’ll admit to wimping out of the bacon feed, but I did take my share at the finish…along with pizza and beer!

Schweine candy

My buddy Josh and I tore it up on our mountain bikes!!

HUGE thanks to Shane for putting on this event and to all the awesome people that came out!


After just a couple short days at home after the IMBA Summit, I jumped on a plane to Oregon…

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