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Paula Woodward is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In addition to her impactful life experiences, she has also spent time China with rotations in many medical departments, a lot of educational experience in Psychology, and a passion for personal development.  I first found Paula when my friend who was suffering from a “hard to treat” skin condition started drinking some Chinese herbs and was seemingly cured.  Another friend was struggling with Post-Partum depression and was using acupuncture to help her symptoms. Both friends had experienced amazing life improvements and had been seeing the same Chinese Medicine Doc: Dr. Paula.  I’m a generally curious person and love trying new ways of self-care, so I went to see Paula for no symptom in particular.  What I did notice after my first treatment was that I was able to fall asleep on the table (daytime sleeping never happens for me) and I felt more calm for days up to weeks post treatment.  I got curious about acupuncture for some of my more frustrating issues like major decreases in race performance from jet lag. I tried acupuncture for jet lag last year and had also NO symptoms of it.  It wasn’t a fluke and is part of my travel.   Acupuncture was a little hard for me to get behind because my brain was so ingrained in Western medicine and western science, but I did my best to have an open mind.  Low and behold, Dr. Paula is now a part of my village that keeps me going! “Life is as fascinating as it is magical. What has continued to reveal itself through 10 years of practice, is that we are in a constant relationship with nature. How we move through our life is a response to our past experiences, and it dictates our future. We are often unaware of what is creating our experience and if we are aware we don’t always know how to shift our current circumstance to create a new future.”

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • what does an acupuncturist actually do
  • the many different (heart) pulses in Chinese medicine
  • Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture fundamentals and elements
  • how Chinese medicine and Western medicine differ
  • yin and yang
  • acupuncture points and meridians

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